Piston Pumps

BP SERIES: Positive Displacement Piston Pump

The piston pump is a hydraulically operated positive displacement pump that has been designed for pumping delicate and viscous fluids.A hydraulic cylinder moves a double effect piston. This piston divides the pump housing into two chambers. Each chamber has one inlet and one outlet connection. These connections allow entry and exit of large pieces which can be pumpedwithout damage. An open separator chamber seals the product chamber from the oil system and prevents any contact between the hydraulic oil and the product.

The piston pump is very usefull in food industry where pumping delicate foodstuffs is a problem. The unique design is very economic on spare parts and does not contaminate the product. Very high pressures can be achieved. The piston pump can be used in any industry where high pressure drops, high viscosity and maintaining product integrity is crucial.


  • High viscosity fluids.
  • Shear sensitive fluids.
  • (Aseptic) food applications.
  • Fluids with large particles.
  • Industrial applications.


  • Product wetted components.
  • AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Non product wetted components.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel.


  • External surfaces polished.
  • Internal sufaces (product wetted parts):
  • Roughness < 0,5 microns.RANGE:

The pump is driven by hydraulic oil from the power pack that enters the hydraulic cylinder from alternate directions. This way the piston is moved up and down. An alternative version with pneumatic cylinder can be supplied for low pressure applications (< 5 bar).


The use of clap valves allows to be pumped whole fruit, diced fruit and vegetables.