T- Sensation

The Engineered Cooking Vessel

T Sensation : The Dimension of Taste

The T-Sensation™ is a revolution in the food industry. It is an reactor equipment for heat transfer in food industry that can process all kind of food, with capacity for heating, cooling in atmospheric and also performs as an evaporator under vacuum. It covers all disciplines related to food, such as boiling, frying, cooking in atmospheric and under pressure, etc.­

T-Sensation™ respects the geometric scales of the basic kitchen utensils and allows all the disciplines described above in less time and maintaining the flavors of homemade cooking. This is a horizontal reactor with net product volume covering the range from 50 to 1000 liters, in stainless steel construction (AISI 316 L). The interior of the reactor contains several stainless steel plates which increase the exchange surface in order to reduce processing times. All plates are scrapped on the whole surface.

The T-Sensation™ is an unique equipment that combines an extended surface reactor with a nonstick scraped surface. This equipment can heat or cool the product in a minimum time without damaging its structure and organoleptic properties. The equipment can process in aseptic conditions, with a hygienically designed unit.It is also prepared to work in batch or in continuous processing and thus able to sequence operations mimicking cooking times and procedures of traditional recipes. The unit can work under vacuum and with over pressure.­

Main Features

  •  Horizontal Tank.
  • Vertical Rotative agitation.
  • Continuous Product Stir.
  • 100% Scraped Surface
  • Modular Surface.


  • Industrial Cooking
  • Large scale Catering
  • Under vacuum/ pressure
  • Frying- shallow and deep
  • Homogenizing
  • Beverages
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Convenience food
  • Ice creams and Pudding
  • Heating, Thawing
  • Static/Dynamic cooking
  • Boiling and Cooling


  • Cooks TEN times Faster than conventional Industrial kettles
  • High thermal efficiency due to forced displacement of product.
  • Works in batches as well as continuous applications
  • No Fouling
  • Higher turbulence, higher heat transfer.
  • No Damage to the product structure, texture, and flavors.
  • Low cost of Maintenance.
  • Unit is easy to inspect.

Technical Details

  • Models :T50—50 liters , T100— 100 liters , T 200— 200 Liters , T500— 500 liters , T1000— 1000 Liters
  • Heating Service : Steam or Super heated Water
  • Cooling Service: Tower Water, Cold Water, Glycol, Ammonia
  • Scraper Material : PEEK and Teflon
  • Design Code and Certification :The construction of the machine is in accordance with ASME, with recommendations of the FDA and USDA, EHDEG to ensure maximum hygienic standard.