Scrapped Surface heat exchangers-Astute


ASTUTE is a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger with hygienic design and largest heat transfer area per unit volume over the conventional one. Astute is a compartmentalized heat exchanger with forced fluid displacement and with scraped surface for heat transfer.

The product flows on the shell side and service flows through the inner tubes. On the shell side the combination of static deflectors and the scraping plates advance with a reciprocating movement, forcing a total displacement of all the product from side to side, independently of product process flow rate, whereas the product net flow travels through the heat exchanger generating nearly no pressure drop. The main difference between the ASTUTE and the conventional scrapped surface heat exchanger is reciprocating action of the scrapers on the shell side ( on the outer surface of the tubes) instead of rotary action of the scrapper shaft on the inner shell. The induced product flow is perpendicular to the inner tubes, which promotes heat transfer and cleaning, thus reducing thermal processing time and also extending the production cycles.

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Parameter Tubular Plate Astute
Viscous Product Medium Low High
Product Treatment Hard Hard Gentle
Runtime High Low High
Floor Space High Low Medium
Pressure Drop High Low Low
For Crystallization Medium Not Suitable Ideal



  • High thermal efficiency due to the forced displacement of the whole product.
  • Homogeneous thermal treatment for the whole product. No dead zones due to total displacement of
    product through interior compartments.
  • Very low level of fouling, due to the action of the scraper over the heat transfer surfaces.
  • Increase of the continuous work time, due to the scraped surface and the forced flow.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Ease of operation and Maintenance due to its easily removable cover.



  • Finishers for Evaporation
  • Concentration
  • Cooling and Crystallization
  • Partial Freezing
  • Energy recovery with high viscosity
  • Aseptic Process
  • Energy Recovery with High viscosity

Main Features


  • Reciprocating action instead of Rotary action
  • Less power consumption
  • Handles all kind of viscosity levels
  • Handles Medium sized particles
  • Reduces thermal processing time
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Compact Size

Technical details

  • Models : A42 273/22 –1.5, A61 323/22 –1.5 4.5m 2 to 12.5m 2
  • Heating Service : Steam or Super Heated Water
  • Cooling Service: Tower Water, Cold Water, Glycol, Ammonia DX
  • Scraper Material : PEEK and Teflon
  • Design Code and Certification : The construction of the machine is in accordance with ASME, with recommendations of the FDA and USDA, EHDEG to ensure maximum hygienic standard.