Shell and tube heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers…The Technology for Turbulence

Jonam offers Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with Smooth Tubes and Augmented Tube through its fixed sized ranges and customized ranges of heat exchangers for applications such as pre -heaters, hot water generators ,condensers, re -boilers. The heat exchangers are designed on the basis of our extensive thermal and mechanical experience acquired over the period of time through successful installation of units.

Introduction :

Shell and tube heat exchangers are the work horse of the industry since ages and still going strong even today. Efforts have been made in the past and also being made recent times for augmentation in the heat transfer and increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger. JONAM offers shell and tube heat exchanger with smooth and augmentated tubes.
JONAM offers all type of TEMA and ASME configurations for all types of applications in Stainless steel and exotic material of construction.
JONAM has an entire range of standard heat exchangers in single pass and multipass design which helps in quick selection of the heat exchanger to give an optimal and economical solution.

Design -Thermal and Mechanical:

Jonam can perform the thermal and mechanical designs for heat exchangers applications such as Condensers, Chiller, Cooler, Re –boilers (Thermo-siphon and Forced circulation) and Pre-heaters.

The heat exchangers are designed for both the thermal and mechanical consideration an dintegration between these two aspects the design, be it tube sheet layout or baffle spacing and selection , Jonam has the expertise to apply the knowledge to design the heat exchanger optimally and i n entirety.

The heat exchanger design does not end at providing sufficient heat transfer area for the given duty but to consider the design configurati on i n totality in the aspects of Impingement plates, Bellow requirements, Gasket selection and Arrangement and also the suitability of the tube to tube sheet joint for the application. The heat exchanger are designed as per GEP,TEMA, ASME, BS5500 etc and as per PED / CE mark.

Pre-Engineered Heat Exchanger :

Jonam has engineered heat exchangers to meet the needs of the customer With hi gh level of standardization Jonam has ready in stock semi finished components of heat exchanger such as Tubes, Plates and Flange. A comprehensive inventory of pre-engineered and stocked components ensures timely product delivery. The heat exchanger can be assembled i n the quickest possible time to meet the customer requirement. The heat exchanger are standardized to pass all the international standards and de-signs. The Standard model range includes the BEM fixed tube sheet and BEW Removable tube bundle and the BEU tube heat exchanger. Jonam offers standard range of heat exchangers from 1 m2 to 120 m2 in single and multi-pass confi gurati on in SS304 L and 316 L material of construction.

Diameter (mm) Lengths (mm) Heat Transfer Area MOC
80 NB to 300 NB 750,1000,1500,2000, 3000,4500,6000 1m2 to 120 m2 SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L

Customized Heat Exchanger:

Customized range heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to suit the specific requirement of the end-user based on the thermal heat duty requirement and specification of the heat exchangers. For the Pharmaceutical Industry the heat exchanger can be designed as per GMP standard with polished internal surfaces .For Petrochemical industry based on the API and TEMA standard etc. The heat exchanger can be manufactured from size 80 NB to 1200 mm OD and up to 6000mm long.


Heaters, Condensers, Coolers, Regenerators Thermic fluid heaters, Re-boilers – Thermosyphons and forced circulations etc


Chemical Process Industry, Edible oil industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Petrochemical